My iOS Time Tracking Control Station

Automating my time tracking tools using Shortcuts, Toggl API, and Python.

By creating a contained page with all my time tracking tools, it’s easy for me to analyze my data, access toggl, and add data quickly.

The Design

A sketch of the layout plan in my head: Put the least interacted with and more visual widgets at top, then the less operational widgets in the middle, followed by the operatinal widgets at the bottom.

Passive Reporting

Time in the Last Three Months

A simple bar chart showing my total hours logged for the last 3 months by weeks. I got in a little productivity rut last winter and stopped tracking for a bit. That’s okay! Lower bar for the next 3 months now.

Period-Over-Period Report

A quick gif showing how to access the report from the control station. I don’t generally log any sensitive info on my entries, but out of an abundance of caution, I did decide to spend an unsettling amount of time blurring my professional work entries. If there is enough interest, this shortcut can be ported over to my more recent iOS analytics environment, so that anyone could run it through pythonista. Let me know!

Screen Time Report (Because why not?)

Honestly, screen time is an amazing way of tracking how you spend your time. It’s incomplete, as any time tracking is, but it is awesome given that you have to do absolutely nothing to use it. I’ll usually go back and log reading time on my kindle since it’s easier then remembering to start the damn timer :P.

Active Reporting

Last Period Report

Again blurred out work tasks out of abundance of caution.

Search Entries

Hey! I didn’t need to blur this one, yay! Also you an see my shortcuts are messy lol. Also highly recommend Narconomics and Dictator’s Handbook!

Data Entry

Timers on Timers on Timers

I hid a bug where the widgets name doesn’t appear for some reason. I may be pushing my iPhone X to the limit.

Add Time Entry

This is really the reason I was able to keep up with Time Tracking. Being able to add entries after I forgot stopped me from spiraling into no time tracking . . . well at least as often as I did when I started

Data analyst, musician, and aspiring philosopher.

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